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About Us


Oar is a new order founded in 1999. It is an information system for anyone interested in Angels.
We publish a bi-annual magazine called Wingspread.

To go to The Children's Corner click icon.  We have a fun children's section titled
The Chidren's Corner.   It features angel stories, angel babies, poetry for little people and angels,
angels everywhere.   Join the club.
To go to Hanbury Cross click icon.  The sole function of Hanbury Cross is as a publisher.   Some of our children's titles include; Annabelle Lee and the Cookbook of the Sea, Gay's Adventure and Othello the Ox.   We also publish the montly magazine for children titled The Children's Corner.    All literature periodicals magazines, flyers pamphlets and material concerning Oar are published by Hanbury Cross .
To go to Abracazen click icon

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Order of Angelical Reformation

Information Services on Angels

Little Angels

The Book ofLittle Angels, Psalm of the Songs of the Angels.
Angel Newsletter, Angel magazine, Marvel the Mischievious Comic Strip

Hanbury Cross Publications

Children's Stories such as The Cookbook of the Sea,
Utopia Tales, Othello the Ox,The Good Lord, Gay's
Adventures &The Little Book of Fairyland-
Poetry-Personalized Books -Calendars and Cards