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the Angel Gabriel

Fluid of the cerebral pool, elixir of life
refreshing waters of the world.
Venus rising from the sea pour out thy liquid lust
and purge me of my woman's body.
Tears of justic, tears of joy, tears of siege!
Waters of cerebral ramparts of thy coves give liege.
Streams of consciousness, pools of thought, rivers endless.
Seas of dead seas. Lakes of dead still waters.
Waters of impact caught in the maelstrom.
Heart of the ocean lift thy majestic breast
like crescent waves, heaving on the ocean floor.
Childbirth rising like the tide, eddies and flows
like birthing waters, magnificent omphalos
all life is 98% of you
Three quarters of the surface of the earth.
Once you wiped that face, the deluge forty days and nights.
Heavens tears replenished your seas.
Angel rain down like a tidal wave,
crashing unmercifully on merciless men.
Who understand nothing of a woman's thoughts.
Flowing endless like the seas. Streams of consciousness
Molly Bloom seven pages long without respite or punctuation.
Punctuation is the cage of educated men
to keep a poetess ever chained to the rock,
daily descends the bird to devou
the talents laid out upon my maiden's head.
Oh Gabriel, Woman, Warrior, Celestial Being,
Messenger of the Gods to woman hear my woman's plea,
Somehow make a writer out of me!

Gabriel is the angel associated with the sign of cups in the Tarot deck. This symbol goes back in time, when men would use their helmets to scoop water from rivers to quench their thirsts.
This angel is in charge of all waters, rivers, streams, lakes, pools, waterfalls, ponds, wells and of course seas and oceans. To reflect on this angel and encourage him to enlighten you pour water over your forehead and wash your hands. Better still take a shower or a dip in fresh water. Always ask to be cleansed when you bathe. Never miss this constant opportunity. Focus on the sign as you study the Tarot and pray for guidance in the cerebral spheres. Meditate on the Gospel of Peace of the Essenes.
See the waters of your Earthly Mother always in constant abundance. Wash yourself often that you will be whiter than snow. Delight in the rain, which replenishes the seas and oceans. Walk down into the river and immerse yourself. Let all foul smelling and unclean spirits leave you. For I say unto you unless a man be born again of water and of the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. No man shall pass who is not under the protection of this ministering angel.