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On the wings of wisdom the Angel Sophia
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(excerpt from the January/June edition)

"For the Lord grivet wisdom, out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding. " Proverbs ii. 6.
"if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of god, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not."
Epistle of James i. 5.

In the name of the highest, almighty Creator, I King Solomon, hold to the interpretation of the nameof (God) Semiphoras, in other words, the First and the Greatest, the oldest and hidden mystery of great power and virtue, to obtain all that which is asked of God, for God must be worshipped in spirit and in truth, which consists not in many and vain words, because each word and name of God is self existent, and therefore the name and prayer must agree, and no strange name must be used unnecessarily if anything fearful or wonderful is intented to be accomplished ,in order that the divine quality may pour into our soul and spirit His grace and gifts-- that is the consciouness of God in His name, through which he comes near and abides with those who know his name. therefore, this name must be held in the highest honor and should be hidden from all frivilous and unworthy persons, since God says himself in Exodus: Out of all places will I come unto thee and bless thee, because thou rememberest my name. Therefore, have the Hebrew Maccabees seventy-two names for God, and named and wrote Schemhamphora, the name of seventy-two letters.

First, it must be known that the names of God cannot be taught and understood except only in the Hebrew language, neither can we pronounce them in any other dialect, as they were revealed to us through the grace of God. For they are the sacrament and emanation of divine omnipotence, not of man, nor of angels, but they are instiituted and consecrated through the (generent) of God, to instil divine harmony in a certain manner according to the characters of his immovable number and figure, and of which those that are appointed over the heavens are afraid. The angels and all creatures honor them and use them to praise their Creator, and to bless Him with the greatest reverence in His divine words, and whosoever will apply them properly with fear and trembling and with prayer, will be powerfully enlightened by the spirit of God-- will be joined with a divine unity-- will be mighty according to the will of God-- that he can perform supernatural things--that he can command angels and devils--that he can bind and unbind the things of the elements, over which he may elevate himself through the power of God. Therefore, he who has purified and improved his understanding and morals, and who , through faith, has purified his ears, so that he may without spurious alterations call upon the divine name of God, will become a house and a dwelling place of God, and will be a partaker of divine influences, etc, etc.

On the other hand, the order of God should be known, that God makes use of other words among angels and also others among men, but the true name of God is known neither to men nor to angels, for He has reserved it and will not reveal it until His order and exhibition are fulfilled and perfected. After that the angels will have their own tongues and speech, about which we need not concern ourselves, because it is not necessary for us to examine them.

In the third place, all the names of God are taken by us from His works, as indicating a communication with God, or are extracted out of the divine scriptures through the art of CABALISTICAM, CALCULATORIAM, NOTARIACAM AND GEOMETRIAM.

The beginning of the name and word SEMIPHORAS, which God the Creator, Jehovah gave in Paradise, embraces three Hebrew letters; Jehovah, the inscrutable Creator of the world, Almighty Providence, and all powerful strong Deity

After this there are four parts of the earth which are the most sublte light of the spiritual world: 4. HIERARCHUS,Cherubim et Seraphim, POTESTATES et Virtutes, Archangelos et Angelos, SPIRITUS et Animus, HOMINUM, which come before God. This part of the world has also four angels that stand upon the four corners of heaven; they are MICHAEL, RAPHAEL, GABRIEL, URIEL; four angels stand for the elements, namely SERAPH,CHERUB, THARSIS,ARIEL; four highly enlightened men full of the light of God.
For the other light or part of the world is the heaven of all the stars;has four Triplicitates of the twelve signs, under which the sun revolves yearly, making the change of seasons, the SPRING, SUMMER, FALL and WINTER of birth and corruption, and changes the fourth element.

In the third part of the work are the elements and everything that is subordinate to them, in which is the small world of man. He again has four elements within him: ANIMA is in the head, per nemos; SPIRITUS is in the heart, and operates through the arteries; CORPUS is the whole body with the veins; GENIUS, a spark of fire, is in the kidneys, and governs birth. He has four spiritual and strong working faculties, as facultates actiones, or spiritus, as his ANIMALI, VITALIS, NATURALIS, GENITIONS. The soul has inward senses, as sensum communene; in which faith takes hold as FIDES and other senses Intellectus in the brain.

2. Imaginatrix, the imagination is another soul-operation or phantasie, which draws a picture of power and accomplishes all things.

3. Rativtanatio repeats the species on the mind on all causes and judgements, Scientia;if the soul will now turn to real reason, it will obtain a knowledge of all worldly wisdom.

4. Memoratrix, the memory, retains all things which pertains to the faculties and operations of the spirit, to bring an experimentum et Sensus; through agitation of the nerves the increase of the human race is effected by God; the living spirit of the heart embraces within itself four virtues: JUSTITIA, TEMPERANTIA, PRUDENTIA, FORTITUDO,and these lie in the arterial blood and connect the soul with the body. Appetitus Sensitivus; the natural spiritual action and power lies in the liver and arteries, and effect motion and attraction, support and subsistence;the proper spirit of strength and sap lies in the kidneys...to multiply through divine perfection.

The body has four elements, namely, SPIRIT, FRUIT, FLESH and BONE--four complexions or temperaments, warm, wet, dry;attraction is produced by warmth, dryness, dampness; Rel retentio is produced by coldness and dryness; Lien Cactio by warmth and wet, id est stomachu: four wet, gall, blood, mucus and melancholia.


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