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The Lamment of the Fallen Angels



The falling cherubs

Like snowflakes babes are falling
They're floating in the rings
Cold naked feet to thread were
Angels dare not go

Innocent to the last naked in their
disbelief's do they fall do they float?
Why consider fantasies
What is real and what is memorex?

It is raining fallen angels
And snowflakes hit the ground
And melt into a muddle
And see what it has found

In golden syncopation
And evolutions' last
It's raining falling angels
Until the trumpets blast

And lord of heaven help us
For human thou we are
We want to fly with angels
And touch the fallen star

And though the angels coax us
To sing and give them trust
They teach us things
We may not need to know

Ignorance is bliss they say
And in the garden we had bliss
To eat the fruit of angels
Hence we know and so we live like this?

Feather soft a kiss blows across the wind
Feather soft like whispers on the ears of children
Secrets cloaked in intrigue
Whispered no one sinned
Angels fell to soft word
Written on the lips of babes
Words that coaxed the secrets
From the hearts of those sent to save
The innocent
And we the innocent stand
Still throwing caution to the wind
Like kisses from the mouths of angels
Knowing not who sinned


The silken angels have sung a song
It echoes golden like a clarion call
At the midnight hour
Go softly! Go lightly! Go shining!
Go down into the valley of the deep
And collect the sad, the lonely
Those held by gossamer strings
To the celestial pull of the universe
Those alone at the midnight hour
Those saddened by unrequited love
And let thy sweet song sing deep
The music of the spheres
That fills angelic ears
And store away in a tinderbox of content
To be borrowed loaned or lent
For evening after dusk
As the setting sun reflects
The shaded eye until we see
The shadows of our life
That seems the real thing
Masked in purpose
Do we have one?
If not to reflect on angels
For they were here before us
First aliens to our race
And have the power
To call us with silken songs
To soothe us in that midnight hour
A siren's song that brings us discontent
Because we know
We're borrowed loaned or lent

The terra-cotta cherub
Is made of soft red clay
It's hardened by the morning light
And stiffened by the day

Young hands have fashioned it you see
With features that look like you and me
They've tied it with a nosegay bright
With violets to our own delight
And filled it with a perfumed scent
Hypnotic herbs most resilient
And welcome does it hang above
A mantelpiece and beckon love
And in it's innocent symmetry
We like it cause it looks like we
But other hands have fashioned us
Of soft red clay but mostly dust
And angels fly on gossamer wings
But man can think such marvelous things
That marvel man as much you do
The things you think you are are you
Remember man thy roots still must
Remember man and turn to dust


And God made man on Earth from birth
A creature beasted ever
To plod along without a song
And think himself well clever

Behind God's heart there stood apart
An Angel beauty to deceive
He gave to man within his plan
That heavenly holy Angel Eve

And Eve smiled down a saddened frown
To see her mate beneath her
So sure she was that for her cause
This man could not defeat her

She sighed a secret knowing smile
Because she was of heaven
And he was but a lowly man
Who at his bread unleaven

And Eve fed manna to his soul
The Angels food she gave him
Defeating God's intended goal
And nothing now could save him

For such a deed, in heaven's steed
God pushed her ever falling
Unto the Earth for her Rebirth
Until she did God's calling