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Michael Stories

One day the good lord was walking in the garden of paradise. He was just a little bit bored with himself. Michael, who was one of the most beautiful and brave of all the archangels, saw him. He was also a very observant angel and he noticed that the good lord did seem a bit down in the dumps. So he climbed down after him and suggested a game of archery.

"The very thing!" Said the good lord excitedly. And he rushed off to get his bow and quiver of arrows. The good lord's bow was quite famous by now. It was made from one solid tusk of gleaming white ivory, that had been donated from the elephant Ragor.

So carrying their equipment, they climbed the highest mountain in paradise to begin their practice.  "Well," said the good lord, "what shall we shoot at first?"
"Hum," thought Michael, putting his finger on his lips, "how about the stars?"
The good lord nodded a smile and suggested that Michael should go first. So Michael reached down and pulled out an arrow of pure white bone. He shot a fine shot right in the middle of a very large star.

"Great shot!" said the good lord. Then he pulled out an arrow of the finest ivory. It was white as milk and it matched his bow perfectly. He aimed right into the middle of Michael's arrow and took his shot. It split Michael's bone arrow into thousands of milky white clusters.

"Hum," said Michael, "it looks like another Milky Way!"
Now it was Michael's turn again. He pulled out an arrow of shining silver. He shot it at one of the planets called Saturn. Unfortunately he missed. It hit one of Saturn's moons instead.  "Darn!" said Michael.

The good lord raised an eyebrow. That made Michael give a nervous little cough. Then the good lord pulled out an arrow of gleaming gold. And what do you think? He shot Michael's silver arrow right in the middle again. The moon exploded, showering silver and golden rocks all around the planet.

"Well, well!" Said Michael, "It looks like you've shot rings around my arrow again!"
"Yes, it looks that way doesn't it?" Said the good lord "I kind of like it like that. It gives Saturn an interesting halo." Then he put his hand to his chin and turned to Michael. "Speaking of halos, I think you better straighten yours up a bit. It does seem to be getting a little bit crooked."

"Yes lord," said Michael humbly. He lowered his head with another nervous little cough and straightened his halo. He really was a very good archer. In fact the best in all the good lord's paradise. Sometimes he just got a bit too anxious, that was all.
The good lord smiled gently and reminded him that it was his turn. This time Michael pulled out his most prized arrow. It was made of many colors. Every color you could imagine. There was some red and yellow and pink and blue and purple and orange and green. It shone as pretty as all the jewellike stars. Then aiming it directly at a very black and white looking planet called Earth, he hit it right in the middle.  "Bull's eye!" Shouted Michael excitedly. He just couldn't help admiring a good shot when he saw one.

The good lord just smiled. Then reaching into his quiver he withdrew the most splendid arrow that Michael had ever seen in all the time he had been practicing archery with the good lord (and that was quite a long time). It was clear as crystal and shone like the sun. You could even see yourself in it if you thought to look.
Then the good lord winked at Michael, as he had been saving it for just such an occasion. So mounting the crystal arrow in the ivory bow, he shot it off towards the Earth.

Needless to say, it hit Michael's many colored arrow right in the middle again. This time the arrow exploded and it rained all those beautiful colors over the four corners of the Earth.  Then the good lord suggested that that was enough archery for one day as he was getting tired. And really Michael was rather glad. For it was now Michael who was feeling down in the dumps! So packing up their equipment they both went back to paradise to take a little nap.  And that's exactly what they did!!!