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the Watchers
The Watchers

The bold, the beautiful and the bad. The amazing facts of similarity. There are very similar classifications of Angels, Extra Terrestrials and Fairy Folk. There is also a similarity in descriptions of abductions. One is the abduction of humans into the fairy ring. There time and space stand still. Such was the case of Rip Van Wrinkle. When he was returned to his realm of existence he was 20 years older. Enoch was said to have walked with God. Enoch was supposed to have lived for hundreds of years. UFO abductees often report being missing for days and weeks but returned to present time. It seems as though when you are caught according to the Abductees report, there is a ring of light, a band of angels or the fairy ring, All the abductees become hypnotized as though in a trance. Check out the following seven similar classifications of beings.

Fairy Folk ET'S Angels

1. Banshee                                    Greys                                                                                       Angel of Death
(The Grim Reaper)
2. Goblins                                      Reds                                                                                        Gargoyles

3. Tall blonde Fairies                 Tall blonde men (Tuatha de Danan)                             Spiritual beings

4. Vampires                                  Men in Black                                                                           Arc-Angels

5. Leprechauns                          Little Green Men                                                                     Thrones

6. Centaurs, Mermaids             Half human/half beast                                                           Seraphs

7. Winged Fairies                      Winged Beings                                                                       Cherubim

Whenever there is a crack in a dimension or a tear in the fabric of time, it is said spectral beings come through. Sometimes they kidnap and take us to the other side. Dante was taken into hell. Enoch was taken into heaven. The description of Angels, Fairies and ET's have many things in common. Banshees, Greys and the grim reaper are spectral creatures. The Tall Blondes are usually shining creatures and guides. There are many more classifications that cross reference. Check out the book "The Order of Angelic Reformation" for more information.


When many angels descend they come down in spirals or rings. Such is a description of Jacob's Ladder. When Christ was born it is said that a band of angels sang. It was called angelical ring. The magical ring has a mysterious history. Tolkein wrote the "Lord of the Rings " based on the magic of the ring. The ring is a symbol of infinity. The serpent swallowing it's own tail is an ancient symbol. There is also the ring of protection that magicians draw to keep the evil demons out. In ancient Hebrew mythology it is said that the Angel Michael visited Solomon and presented him with a magic ring. He told him that with this ring he could control all the demons male and female. It is said that Solomon conjured up demons to build the temple. The seal of Solomon is one of the oldest seals in magical lore. It is said that the angels lusted after the daughters of men and came to earth and married them. They brought with them many of the secrets of arcane magic. They stole them from the kingdom of heaven. Angels were jealous of mankind because he had free will. Because we have free will we can practice magic and magical ceremonies. The angels good and bad have to serve mankind. They cannot practice magic themselves only assist us. They must do our bidding if summoned properly. Legend says that when Michael and Lucifer were fighting Michael accidently chopped off one of Lucifer's fingers. I t bore a magical ring. Lucifer lusted after the wealth of the earth and he adorned himself with ornate jewelry. He had taught manking how to wrought metal into gold and artifacts. Michael knew that this was part of Lucifer's sins of pride and greed. He threw the finger into the firey pit. When Lucifer jumped in to retreive it Micael was able to contain him in the bowels of the earth. Lucifer spends his time trapped in the earth and in control of all earth elementals. He struggles ever to come up out of the pit. Michael must stand forever keeping the firey serpenc and dragon in the pit. It is a never ending story of myth, magic and man's greed. You must study very hard and pray for much protection before practicing any magic. Check out the book "The Psalm of the songs of the Angels" for more information.

No Place More Holy Loreto, Italy

In 1295, UNSEEN HANDS PUT down the Holy House of Nazareth in the middle of an ancient road near Loreto, Italy. Also known as the House of the Angelic Salutation, this is where Mary was born, where the angel Gabriel announced to her that she was to become the mother of God, and where Jesus Christ lived as a child. The story of the miraculous flight of the house from the Holy Land to Italy has received, writes H. M. Gillette, an authority on the shrines of Europe, “the ridicule of one half of the world and the devotion of the other.”

Loreto, however, was not the first stop. Three and a half years earlier, on May 10, 1291, shepherds discovered the same house in a field in Dalmatia at Tersatto, where no house had ever stood. After the local parish priest, who had seen the Holy House in a vision, identified it, the governor of Dalmatia sent a delegation to Nazareth. It reported back that the Holy House, which had been covered by the Basilica of the Annunciation, was gone, and it's foundation, which remained, matched the 15- by -30- foot house exactly. What's more, the house was built from limestone and cedarwood, materials that were not found in that part of Dalmatia.
When it was mysteriously taken from Dalmatia, the Holy House was first deposited, on December 10, 1294, in a laurel wood near Loretto, where the trees seemed bent over in permanent bows of respect. Robbers took to attacking pilgrims in this remote spot, however, so the same “angelic hands” soon transported the house to the middle of Loreto, on the high road to Recanati, where it may be seen today.

As it appeared in Loreto, the house - the Santa Casa - held only an altar, a hearth, and a pedestal beside the altar. The house has a single door and, beside that, a small window. The ceiling was painted blue, and spangled with stars. Pope Clement VII (1523-34) added more doors to accommodate the crowds of pilgrims and placed the statue in a niche lined with jewels.
The house itself has been examined. An excavation ordered by Pope Benedict XIV (1740-58) proved that there was no foundation and that the house rested directly on the ancient road. Later examinations have shown that the mortar and stones in the walls are identical with those in the foundation at Nazareth. The same experts determined that the structure had never been rebuilt.
Ever since it appeared in Loretto, the house has been a popular destination for pilgrims, among them Dalmatians lamenting the loss of the house from their land.

The Santuario della Santa Casa, a church with a fortress-like exterior, was built to enclose and protect the Holy House. Construction began in 1468 under Pope Paul II; the Holy House is located under the dome of the Santuario, which dates from 1500. Pope Julius II approved the Holy House as a place of pilgrimage in 1510, the same year that Donato Bramante designed the high marble screen around the Santa Casa.

In 1936, by papal decree, the house was granted indulgences equal to those of Lourdes and the Holy Land. Visiting pilgrims are admonished by an inscription:
Let those who are impure tremble to enter into this sanctuary. The whole world has not a place more sacred, for here was the Word made Flesh, and here was born the Virgin Mother. From the West, where the sun goes down, to the East, where it rises from the waters, no place is more holy.


Michael is usually depicted as the slayer of the dragon. Dragons have different conotations for many people. In Christianity it is associated with the devil, serpent or evil force. In Chinese mytologies it is usually considred lucky. The Sumerian mythologies discuss Tiamet the great female dragon in opposition to the male god. There are many biblical references to Michael slaying the dragon. I will put emnity between thee and the woman and thy head shall wait in fear for her heel was said the the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Michael throws the dragon into the pit were it waits in all eternity for it's release.

Joan who is also know as the Maid of Orleans was born and died between 1412-1431. She was first called by angels at the tender age of 13. There was a legend that a virgin would save France through the interference of angels. She heard Michael the arc-angel calling her ing the woods one day and went to investigate. She always claimed that he appeared as a personage of gentle civilities in human form. Soon she also heard the voices of St . Catherine and St. Margaret. Thus encouraged by the three she donned the clothse of men and took up the sword. She led the armyof the Charles of France and many were impressed by her presence and joined the army. She was wounded in the battle and was seen as a hero of the day. The Dauphine was crowned King Charles VII with Joan by his side. She was subsequently captured outside of Compiegne and accused of heresy and withcraft by the English. They said her voices were not angelic but demonic. She was sentenced to death and burned at the stake on May 31st 1431. The executioner who was present was driven to depression by her death he said her heart was found among the ashes intact a tribute to her purity and innocense. The church later retracted her sentence and declaired her a saint after two hundred years.

There have been many reports of angels on the battlefield but none so widely and vividly reported as that of Mons. It was during World War 1 sometime in August 1914 between 8and 9 at night. The British troops were forced to retreat and were in fear of being slaughtered on the retreat. In the sky there appeared a miraculous vision. Three angels glowing in golden robes. The center being the tallest and most vivid. The German soldiers stopped in their tracks and seemed terrified of the apparition and did not advance. The British soldiers were able to retreat without severe casualities. This phonomena was reported by both British and German soldiers. The apparation lasted for about three quarters of an hour. The three angels just hovered above the horizon. They did not interact with the troops in any way but there mere presence saved the day for the British.
Oh angel of Mons our guardian dear
To whom God's love permits us here
To know God's glory his might to see
In battle gory on bended knee
We wait in fear our fate to be
And with us here is destiny
Upon the hill in battle gear
Stand angel troops that seem severe
And as the hours went fleeting by
Their troops exhausted gave out a cry
Threw up their hands for all to see
We won this battle on bended knee
With only angels beside us now
Our guardians always, we won somehow

(for more information on angels order the book at the end)
There are according to Dionysus the Areopagate Nine Choirs of Angels who worship the Father in Heaven Continuously. They are:
The Seraphim burn in revolutions around the Lord singing his Praises. Uriel is listed as a Seraph. Sometimes referred to as the Fiery Serpent, their legend is in many Religions.
The Cherubim are effusion who know the fullness of the Lord. They are flaming and often depicted with six wings. It was a Cherubim God placed at the gate of Eden.
They are the Guardians of Nations and Civilizations. On Earth they protect the four Races from losing their cultural identity. The four races are: Red (Earth) Yellow (Water) Black (Fire) and White (Air). The four races compliment each other and work together to keep the Earth balanced in it's proper place in the Universe.
Heroes, brilliant ones like Haniel. They sometimes carry Swords. They are the Valiant ones. Their emblem is Swords or Staffs.
They are the Equalizers. They keep the balance of the Universe by continually pouring the cerebral waters of Intelligence, in the chalice of love back and forward between Father Heaven and Mother Earth. They appear at the end of our Earthly life to weigh our deeds. Their emblem is Cups or Hearts.
The Thrones are many eyed, they are flaming wheels of fire. They were described by Ezekiel in his famous vision. They are fiery discs. Their emblem is Pentacles or Diamonds.
Capable of elevating themselves to higher levels. They have no earthly desires. They are often depicted with Scepters. Their emblem is Rods or Clubs.
First they are the defenders of the Throne of God, His might and His power. They also act as divine messengers between God and Man.
Direct messengers between God and man, our intermediaries and Guardians. They can be tempted by desires for Earth. They can sometimes become human or take on Human Form. The Nephilim of the Old Testament were the children of Angels who decided to stay on earth against Gods wishes. It is recorded in Genesis (6:2 and 6:4)
The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair; and they took to wife such of them as they chose. (6:2)
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. (6:4)
These giants are recorded quite often in the Scriptures there are accounts of them in (Num. 13:33, Deut. 2:11,2:20, 3:11,
3:13 and Joshua 12:4,13:12, 15:8, 17:15 and 18:16)
There were still accounts of them during King David's time. Goliath was such a giant. The Angels who fathered these giants disobeyed God. They taught man all of the esoteric mysteries including Wicca, the Craft of the Wise. God did not mind that mankind learned these things only that the Angels disobeyed. Likewise, in the Garden of Eden God did not really mind that Adam and Eve ate the apple, only that they disobeyed. Like any parent He would have preferred to teach his children these mysteries in his own good time. Who knows that the turmoil that rages in our world today is not due to mankind receiving this knowledge before it was ready. A question of too much too soon! It is important to remember that God is all. Everything that proceeds into the Universe is of God. All knowledge and answers are with God. It is revealed to us in good time as we need it. There can be only one, no matter what Name various Religions give to Him, and we must obey His word at all cost. He will never deceive you if you are pure of heart. When we pray devoutly to receive the grace of God it is sent to us. At that moment we are directly connected with the Three higher principles that surround the Throne of God. They are Love, Mercy and Wisdom. God is Love, Christ is Mercy and The Holy Spirit is Wisdom. If you truly understand this nothing can ever destroy you and you will bring your light and peace to the presence of the World.

The all seeing eye is in the center of your head
(decipher this)
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