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the Angel Michael

Michael row the boat ashore oh Christian Charon.

Defender of the faith. Battler of dragons and demons
Always stead-fast, ready with the sword drawn
Thou art the light, the bright fire of the sun.
Ruler of salamanders,
Residing deep inside the core of volcanic vitriol ash.
Ready to explode by fire by light thou shall rule this land.
Let thy light shine within me and off me all electrical.
Let's be aflame together wherever thou goest I shall follow.
Thy God shall be my God and thy land shall be my land.
This land is mine, God gave this land to me. I am my land.
I must till my soil, as thou sowest so does thou reap.
This is my land, this air, this water, this fire, this earth.
I am of the mud made into flesh and bone
but needing that fire electrical to spring the mortal coil.
While I stand on flesh and bone let me till the coffers well.
This is my temple if thou should tear it down in three days I will build it up.
I do so understand the gift.
Into the dessert for forty days fast, then I could conquer worms but always Michael on my right hand side.
Always wanted albatross around my neck.
Desired my fiery Knight in shining armor.
Defender of this land. Defender of this faith.
Gallant soldier of fortune. Protector of my soul.
Michael row this fragile boat ashore and land me on my land. That land of milk and honey that I have tilled so well and reap a fair reward that turns base metal always into gold a fiery blazing sun.
A Michael Light


The Angel Michael is usually associated with the sign of pentacles or fire in the Tarot. This sign is described sometimes as rotating fiery wheels brilliant like the sun. They are the diamonds of the regular deck. The sign is symbolized by anything shining or light usually lighting a candle is a good way to meditate on this sign but you may also pray before the sun. Meditate on the symbol for guidance or reflect on this excerpt from The Essenes Gospel of Peace. Remember you are seeking enlightenment on the meaning of the Tarot and the understanding of what these signs mean to you.
No two people see things exactly the same. So let your own imagination and power of the presence take over. The Angel Michael is a strong adversary to have on ones side.Seek the angel of sunlight. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of sunlight to embrace all your body. Then breathe long and deeply, that the angel of sunlight may be brought within you. And the angel and evil-smelling things shall rise from you, even as the darkness of night fades before the brightness of the rising sun. For I tell you truly holy is the angel of sunlight who cleans out all uncleanness and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. None may come before the face of God, whom the angel of sunlight lets not pass