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Oh Sandalphon if thou shouldst kneel to greet me,
three hundred years have passed and I am no longer quick
To see you I must live a thousand lives
and grow in wisdoms sight to see thy light

Tallest celestial protector of the most high
We should faint in laud
And then we think, oh God how high is God
That Sandalphon is but his footstool?

How many Angels can fit on the head of a pin?
Within we look and out into the four corners of our mind
And bend time in space

Fall through the crack in a looking glass
Shattered into ten thousand scattered shards
Do we see ten thousand reflections all at once
Or seven years bad luck
How many mirrors have you broken and lived to tell the tale?
It is only silver painted on the back
A trick to help you see yourself
A seeming solid entity
Instead of ten thousand molecules

The myth requires it takes five hundred years
to travel up from head to toe
the practical mind recoils in fears
no way it can be so

We could not see him turn nor shift
only our sanity shifts out to sea
in rafts of what we think we know
time is the mystery not space

time heals all wounds and wounds all heels
the cause and reaction moving through space is time
in time all things can be revealed
all things are not revealed in space
I have the time to travel from toe to head
If it would take ten thousand lifetimes to know
I have the time to believe Elijah in a fiery chariot taken up
Where ever up is

And I am taken down upon my knees
with all the neurons firing in my brain
I do believe in Angels
I do believe in Sandalphon.
The strap of whose sandals
I am not worthy to reach up and loosen now

But maybe in ten thousand lifetimes
I could get one glimpse
One look in the mirror
And see his shining face
Reflected back at me
And life would be worth living
For that sacred vanity