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The Chamber of the Goddess
Lets open up Pandora's box again
(dicpher this)

Fore thought and after thought
Pandora's box
Was given as a trap
that crafty fox

Swift Mercury seeming lagged
Then heavily dragged
Before Pandora's eyes
And feigning weariness
winked curiosity in disguise

Pandora on her knees
Was faint with fire
What shame that man had
Ever got the gift

For since he had creation could inspire
Him to  heights of grandeur
And a rift

With old Olympians
Aging faster
Slowly melting
In reality
Until the days would come
When  ancient gods no longer be

And only live by page and pen and poets bold
To trap them in their words divine retold
And old Olympians lift the cup of brew
And men toast back with Baccus' gift of dew

And so it was a woman even then
As Eve ate apple and Lillith did rebel
That men have said caused all our eyes to open
And all our souls abandoned into hell

But I should rather go to hell well sighted
Than live this life in blind illusions veil
And men might realize they've always slighted
That woman caused the species to prevail

For while Pandora's box it emptied chaos
In order hope was also held within
And hope propels us always to the future
And ordered chaos makes the earth to spin

And spinning keeps us always in the cosmos
Flying towards our fate what ere it be
And I for one am glad Pandora did it
She gave us choice and set our spirit free


Pygmalion was a sculptor bold
He chiseled life within the stone
With eyes of lust he did behold
Galetea there to be his own

At Aphrodite's door he plead
That mortal flesh the stone could be
And so the statue slowly bled
Into life for eternity

So many women on this earth
And this old crotch could choose not one
But must create his wife from birth
To serve him safely in the stone

Did thus the beast turn beauty's hand
Some candle wax upon his skin
The dagger in her hand held high
Poised at a point to murder him

At night her lover only came
So in the dark he courted her
With love's sweet wooing all for naught
By day he disappeared once more

So Psyche stumped by envies whim
Aphrodite's plan had failed
And Cupid fell in love with her
But Aphrodite still prevailed

For Psyche pledged a vow to him
Then broke that vow with doubting heart
And Cupid fled forever gone
And left behind not love's sweet dart

Hero was a woman
Who lit a candle bright
To guide Leander through the waves
He made the trip each night

For love it is an ocean
For love it is a sea
For life is but circumstance
Two lovers brought to be

And as the light did flicker dim
And as Leander waned
He found he could no longer swim
The gods had so ordained

And Hero heard his dying plea
What could a hero do?
But join her lover in the sea
And bid life sad adieu

And Aphrodite fanned the flame
These two she placed at Cupid's door
And Aphrodite's all to blame
That mortal lives they have no more

What chance did Paris have?
What choice has any man?
When beauty shows its face
Within the wretched plan

What matters wisdom's ways
What matters powers to be
What matters Queens of heaven
Decked out in revelry

One golden apple caused the fall of Troy
Deliberately the apple of Discord
Thrown in because of vanity and slight
The uninvited guest came on her own accord

The secret mystery of mysteries was not revealed to Solomon till Sheba was at court.
Sheba had abundant hair under her arms and surrounding her pubis.
This was considered to be a source of great power.
Witches were well known to the Hebrews such as the Witch of Endor.
Solomon would not sleep with Sheba till she shaved the hair.
Sheba's pubic hair was called the Veil of Mystery, in thus shaving to sleep with Solomon
she relinquished her power but as we all know hair doth grow back!
*check Zechariah Zitchen's The Twelfth Planet.

The Secret Doctrine mentions The Whit Brotherhood and The Count St. Germane. The Secrets of The Ring of the Knights of the White Brotherhood have to do with longevity and youth. (
(check Mad. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine)
what the Shekina might say
(Decipher the message win a free spell)

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 by Hanbury Cross Publications