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Marvel the Mischievous

And then another day, the good lord went strolling along the Galaxy. He was busy dusting off the earth's constellations. This kept them clearly visible. Suddenly he heard a loud twittering and skittering going on behind him. Turning around he saw a bevy of angel babies frolicking along at his heels. "I am sorry," said the good lord, " but you will have to go home today and take a nap. I have business to attend to. The journey is too long for such little ones as you!"

So the happy little group turned their disappointed faces homeward. All that is, except Marvel the mischievous. He stealthily crept along, hiding behind asteroids and planetoids and encouraging two of his comrades to join him. They had such great fun skeltering behind the good lord. They were playing hide and seek.
The good lord, unaware of his frisky little companions, stopped for a chat with the great dog, Canis Major. He gave him an affectionate pat. He continued on till he passed Libra, the waterbearer. He was skillfully balancing a jug of water on his head. He had just fetched it from the Big Dipper. This was, of course behind her back! The good lord was amused. Everyone knew that the Big Dipper was just a bit too stingy with her water.
As he moved along his way, he was hailed by Jasper, the winged allacorn. The good lord stopped to inquire into the welfare of his wife, Jasmine and their children, Jade and Jewel. Jasmine was the beautiful Unicorn Queen who ruled the Magic Belt, and there was always interesting news to be had there.

Jasper was busy telling the good lord about the antics of the constantly bickering twins, Jade and Jewel. Suddenly they heard such awful goings on. Such hollering! Such screaming, that all the heavenly bodies cast an eye in the vicinity of the Big Dipper. She had a strangely cunning smile across her face.

The good lord and Jasper hurried off quickly in her direction. Taking a peek over her rim, what do you think they spied? It was Marvel and his two friends. They were screaming and bobbing frantically in the water. Their many tears were certainly replenishing the Big Dipper's supply of water!

"My, my!" said the good lord, "what do we have here?"
"Please, please get us out!" said Marvel squeezing his eyes tightly closed.
"Well...I don't know?" said the good lord calmly, "How did you manage to get in there in the first place? I thought you were home in bed fast asleep!"
"It wasn't in the first place," said Marvel with his usual audacity, "It was in the last place!" The good lord raised an eyebrow. "We were just playing hide and seek with you." said Marvel sheepishly. "When we hid on the handle of the Big Dipper she tossed us in!"  "Oh, I didn't know they were angel babies," said the Big Dipper defensively. "They were tickling my handle and when I twitched, why, I guess they just rolled on in." She smiled mischievously.

"Aha," replied the good lord, "I see!" he said rubbing his chin. For he was positive that other than being a little stingy with her water, the Big Dipper really loved little ones. She took excellent care of the Little Dipper. He suspected that she was only trying to teach the disobedient little angel babies a lesson.

"Well," said the good lord in a loud stern voice, "you are very lucky that you did not fall into a black hole instead. That would have surely been the end of you!" He whispered into Jasper's ear. Jasper nodded his head in approval.
Then the good lord twisted off Jasper's thick sturdy horn. He borrowed an arrow from Sagittarius, the archer, and a string from Lyra, the Lyre. Then he made a sort of fishing bowl and fished them out one by one.

They were all drippy wet and teary eyed. The good lord could not help holding them a little closer than usual and giving them an extra loving squeeze. Then placing them on Jaspers back, he said in a mock stern voice:

"Take them home to Michael. He'll know how to deal with them!!!"

Now the little angel babies shuddered, holding their bottoms. They knew just how Michael, who was very strict, would deal with them. So as Jasper flew off towards home, the good lord continued on his tour around the stars and all the heavenly bodies had a good laugh along with him.