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Through the Gate
Enter at your own risk
(decipher this)
There are seven kingdoms of heaven. Hence the term seventh heaven. There are also seven gates to enter these kingdoms. One must enter each gate at the appropriate time and in the appropriate moment. One must learn all there is to know on each level before passing to the next. Some highly sensitive beings are able to leap through many levels at a time. Others need much practice. Some may never make it. We are on this earth at the third level. This is the level we are most familiar with. Some people call it the third dimension. There are veils to be lifted at each gate. one must learn the secret of the veils. One must learn to cultivate the Watchers. They are the only guards at each gate. they are the angels of old. If you know how to call the Watchers they will keep the gate open for you. Beware if you have not cultivated the Watchers. Even still beware some Watchers can be treacherous. they are quite literal. in other words be careful what you ask for. Be careful how you ask!


The Name is True
Seal of the Choir of hosts seu Dominatorium of the MInistering Angels

I, N.N., a servant of God, desire, call upon thee,Spirit Phuel,by the Holy Messengers and all the Disciples of the Lord, by the four holy Evangelists and the three Holy Men of God and by the most terrible and most holy words Abriel, Fibriel, Zada, Zaday, Zarabo, Laragola, Laveterium, Laroyol, Zay, Zagin, Labir, Lya, Adeo, Deus, Alon, Abay,Alos, Piens, Ethos, Mibi, Uini,Mora, Zorad, and by those holy words, and without malice but through the purity of celestial true name that thou come and appear before me N.N. in a beautiful human form and bring me what I desires.

This Seal from the choir of the Dominationen, or Hosts, the following are the most useful:
Aha, Roah, Habu, Aromicha, Lemar, Patteny, Hamaya, Azoth, Hayozer, Karohel, Vjeznna, Patecha, Tehom.

The special secret of this Seal is the following:
ex Thoro Bibliis arcanorum, Sacra Script.
If a man carries this Seal with him, it will bring him great fortune and blessing; it is therefore called the truest and hightest Seal of Fortune.


The particularly great secret and special use of this seal is also ex Bible, arcan.Thoro. I. If this Seal is buried in the earth, where treasures exist, they will come to the surface of themselves, without any presence in plane lunio.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED OAR CAN PROVIDE THE PHYSICAL SEALS TO MEMBERS OF OAR FOR $5:00. You can find them in almost any library if you are not a member.

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