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What the Shekinah Might Say
Before time was I am
I am that I was before time
In the beginning I am
And I am in the end
I am in love and in hate
I am the morning star
And I am the moon at night
I am being born and I am death
I am the light that shines in the darkness
And I am the darkness
I am in you and you are in me
I am the creator and I am the destroyer
All things proceed from me
And without me nothing can proceed.
You believe in me and I am
Because I believe in you
This is great wisdom
Sing this upon the harps of angels
Let them that have understanding
For those who do not believe
There is no wisdom
For those who do not believe
There is no light
I am the shining one
I am the face
I am that I am
I am the light

With thee is wisdom, who knows they works and was present
when though didst make the world, and who understands,
what is pleasing in thy sight and what is right according to thy commandments.
Send her forth from the holy heavens and from the throne of thy glory send her,
that she may be with me and toil, and that I may learn what is pleasing to thee.
(Wisdom of Solomon 9:9-10)
I am she that is thy own reflection
Mirror image of my own reflection in the mirror.
You may say

I am an ego-manic, despotic, monologist

You call me all things but genius
But I am cultivating genius
Heading towards the primordial struggle
up Jacob's ladder
To the perfection of the gene
my father once set free
You can't be perfect to me because
my ideas are too selfish
The fault is mine not yours
You must find another mirror
For your own reflecting or live with the crack
I have found the crack and slid within
The crack is in me, and I am in the crack.
The crack in the egg that broke my mother's back
Because she could not think like a man
I am too absolute, too self-centered
to change the path I am on.
For me it is the way, like my father's sperm determined to hit the target
And crack my mother's egg
To you it is "My way! The Queen's way!"
I can accept you and your way
If you would just let me be and believe
I know the secrets of the sacred societies
The loneliness of the midnight vigil

The futility of direct communication
In a dimension where there are
700 Shades of color
and 7oo spaces to see them from
altering any chance at joint perception.
We must all go our own way
I do not ask you to follow
Only to see me as I go
And remember the light
that once shone in your world