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Jasmine the Unicorn was feeling tired indeed. The twins were truly giving her a headache. She thought she would go for a stroll along the paths of the Never Promised Rose Garden. As she was meandering along up ahead in a whirl of excitement, came none other than the good lord himself. He was surrounded by the Cherubim Quintuplets who hovered around his head like e fleet of busy satellites. As he approached Jasmine She couldn't help feeling a little sympathy for him.
"Good afternoon, Jasmine!", said the good lord pleasantly enough, "Out for a little stroll, I see!"

"Yes lord.", said Jasmine lowering her head in greetings, "It is such a bright afternoon and I felt I needed a little peace and quiet, away from the twins."
The five Cherubim lighted two on either on of his shoulders and one on his head. He rolled his eyes from left to right. "I know what you mean!", he said desperately, "I have so much to do today and they are pleading for a walk." He looked right into Jasmine's large brown eyes pleadingly. "What's one to do?", said the good lord. The Cherubim shifted position on the good lord's shoulders and head, but still there remained two on each shoulder and one on his head.

Jasmine knew what she must do. "Would you like me to sit for you a while?"
The good lord beamed so bright, the Cherubim jumped from the blaze. "Oh Jasmine, you are truly a treasure!"

So setting the five Cherubim on Jasmine's back, he took off with the speed of light. Now these Cherubim were a very unique bunch of Cherubim indeed, and they had very special influences on ones mind and memory. The first was called Essu Mae and she could lift you out of a dreary mood. The second was called Fira Tongo, and he could fill you with the zeal to do many tasks. The third was called Goni Homi, and he would take you back to those wonderful days of childhood. The fourth was called Havino Sento, and he would make you think of the good lord very much. And the fifth was called Imaku Latu, and she would fill you with such peace and innocence of heart.
Now no one but the good lord knew that these Cherubim possessed such great powers and so it was that Jasmine continued along believing she would have a long afternoon indeed. As they came to Memory Lane, Jasmine began to feel a good deal brighter. She thought of Jasper and the day they had married. She recalled the day the twins were born. Suddenly she began to miss them very much indeed. She knew her life had been full of joyfulness and sorrow, but there seemed much more joy. She thanked the good lord for all his blessings. She was determined to go back home and take the children out some place special.

As she turned back up the Path of Righteousness, she saw the good lord coming towards her again. 'My', she thought to herself, 'How fast the time has flown.' She had hardly noticed the Cherubim at all, and when she took a look, there were those five glorious Cherubim sound as sound asleep. The good lord thanked her very much and gathered them up under his right arm and giving Jasmine an affectionate hug. He flew back fast to seventh heaven, making sure not to awaken them.

At that very moment, Jasmine heard familiar laughter, and as she looked up, Jasper flew down with Jade and Jewel on his shoulders, and they all strolled back up Memory Lane together, and had a very special time indeed!